20 Industrial Factories located in Altona.


Aylesbury comprises 20 industrial factories on a two-acre site in Altona, Melbourne.

This complex project has very challenging soil conditions, which Galea Build overcame by working closely with architects, engineers and geo-technical consultants to achieve a cost-effective outcome that will effectively stand the test of time.

The project used a combination of H5 timber treated piles that were core-drilled through the challenging soil conditions and rammed into stable ground until refusal to depth of 4.2m, then continuous concrete footings were placed on top.

Ground preparation was key to this development’s success.

The first stage engaged a Broons BH 1300 Impact Roller and a vibration monitoring device to ensure neighbouring properties suffered no damage. The ground needed to be raised, which was constructed in layers using a padfoot roller and water cart which, when tested, gave a compaction of 98.5% to 99.5% – well above the geo-technical requirements.

The 100mm-thick crushed rock sub-base was roller vibrated and watered, and once tested, achieved a compaction rating of 99.5% to 102.5% – again, well above the geo-technical requirements.

The driveway sub-base was constructed in the same manner as the slab, although the driveway was 200mm thick and incorporates SL81 mesh and 40 MPa vibrated concrete.

The slab is supported on the footings, with starter bars at 600mm centres cast into the footing to form a monolithic slab. The concrete was 32 MPa and, when tested, achieved 35.5 MPa at 27 days.

All factory walls are constructed from tilt panel 32 MPa vibrated concrete, which is designed to remain standing after a fire. The panels have extra reinforcement for vehicle or forklift impact.


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