Galea Build offers an array of industrial and commercial building services to accommodate any construction project.


Galea Build assists clients from concept to creation, achieving desired outcomes on time and budget.

1. Consultation
From the outset, project goals, intentions and budget are thoroughly discussed to bring the client’s vision to reality.

2. Site analysis
When evaluating proposed blocks, any investigation incorporates the number of dwellings it can accommodate, including restrictions, covenants and easements.

3. Project feasibility
Is the project achievable and profitable for all parties?

4. Costings
Clients are provided with a comprehensive outline of expenses, including construction and development costs.

5. Town planning and obtaining permits
Galea Build works with design authorities and councils to ensure that design and materials are kept within the client’s budget. This includes ongoing liaison to obtain the necessary permits.

6. Working drawings
To co-ordinate between client and architect and organise for plans to be endorsed by the relevant municipal authority.

7. Client contracts/specifications
Contracts outline a detailed list of specifications, for clarity and peace of mind.

8. Demolition/development management
We will organise the demolition of your existing residence and co-ordinate all the necessary development requirements before building begins.

9. Construct quality build in required timeframes
Your project will be completed within the timeframe specified in your contract.

10. Subdivision
Galea Build works with surveyors and legal representatives to ensure all documentation necessary for subdivision and release of titles.


These are our upcoming, current and recently completed industrial projects.

Galea Build - Industrial Developments - Aylesbury Drive, Altona (14)


20 industrial factories located in Altona. Commenced early 2019 and completed by the end of 2021.


Two commercial factories with construction commenced in February 2024.

48 Bonview Circuit, Truganina 2


One commercial factory, ccompleted in May 2021.


Town planning approval for 24 new apartments as an extension to the existing 13 apartments.


A truss manufacturing plant in Sunshine, comprising a large industrial factory and office complex.